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Kauai Backcountry Adventures



book an adventure!


book an adventure!

COVID-19 Update:

The state has extended the 14 day quarantine through July 31st. We will open our public tours August 1st.

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Our one-of-a-kind Kaua’i activities include tubing down an old sugar plantation irrigation system, through open canals, and through several tunnels hand-dug circa 1870. It also includes soaring through the air on our stunning zipline course, traversing the side of a mountain down to a lush bamboo grove. Through it all, you learn about our island’s history, culture, and natural environment. Join us and take home memories to last a lifetime!
Tour Kaua’i with us today!


With our Mountain Tubing and Backcountry Zipline adventures, you get to enjoy exclusive access to over 17,000 scenic acres of former plantation lands in the heart of Kaua’i. From river float tubing to zipline tours on Kaua’i, we have so much to explore. Come play with Kaua’i Backcountry Adventures today!


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Tubing adventure!

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity for fun! Our guides were fantastic and the trip a blast. You tube through a plantation in irrigation tunnels and canals that were hand dug in the late 1800’s. It was loads of fun, interesting and worth the trip. A great way to spend a few hours! Don’t wonder, just do this adventure.

– Kathy A, TripAdvisor
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My husband and I joined Johnny and his team (sorry I don't remember everyone's names) for a tubing ride. The drive up, the tubing itself, and then the ride back was amazing. Johnny was so nice and such a people person! It was amazing and the views are to die for, oh and the water is very refreshing! I HIGHLY recommend!

– Alexis L., Yelp
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Awesomeness at its best!!!!

Excellent tour from beginning to end. Right from the booking to the actual excursion. First time in Kauai and will return just for this tour so fun and worth it!!!! A must in Kauai....

– Jazzema, TripAdvisor
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One of the best excursions ever!!

So much fun and would highly recommend it. It was our first time to Kauai and this excursion along with our guides who were extremely funny, left a memorable impression with our family. My son is 6 years old and absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back this year. There aren't words to express how everyone was so nice and helpful there. We have recommended this to everyone!!! Life changer!

– Melissa D., Yelp
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Tunnel Float

A unique and fun experience, for sure! Our hosts guided us all the way, complete with ukelele accompaniment, as we floated the canal through hillside and tunnels. Lots of tunnels. Great fun all the way!

– jonh822, TripAdvisor
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Best experience I ever had.

Going underneath the tunnels and learning a little bit of history while you're on the tour. I highly suggest you have a GoPro or an underwater camera with you to get your own pictures. They take your pictures professionally too but have to purchase them thru the kiosk there. Guides are great. I highly suggest this activity for any local or tourist.

– Paula R., Yelp
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Tubing fun!

As a fellow guide on the island, I highly recommend the tubing ride to all visitors! Great experience from check in to the entire adventure. All the staff and guides were amazing and entertaining. Mahalo for such a great adventure and keep up the good work.

– Shakamurph, TripAdvisor
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This is a MUST DO while on Kauai

The guides were awesome, funny and very knowledgeable of the island. The actual tubing adventure was like nothing we have ever experienced. It was non stop fun the entire time and gives you a glimpse of the island you wouldn't see other wise. We would hands down recommend this tour!!

– Luke G., Yelp
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Fabulous Fun

We made the decision to fly over from Honolulu for the day and do the Tubing. It was a great day out, the staff was friendly and very helpful. From the preparation time at base, the bus ride up the mountain, the tubing adventure and lunch, the staff kept us in fits of laughter and relaxed all day. This experience was better than I was expecting and became the highlight of our holiday. Thanks, Guys!

– Resort25422816264, TripAdvisor
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Highly recommended zipline tour!

This is our first Zipline experience. Both my wife and myself enjoyed it very much. It is the highlight of our trip so far. Drake and Kevin did a good job keeping us alive and excited. Highly recommended!

– Jason Z., Yelp